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Coca i Fito and Coast to Coast are dedicated to fine winemaking and exporting quality wine. As cellar owners, we are actively involved in all aspects that concern a winery: from viticulture to labeling. As exporters, we represent small family wineries from Spain in foreign markets around the world.

Each winery is family-run by people with decades of experience in viticulture and winemaking. The founding principles of our cellars are meticulous dedication to the land and the vines coupled with traditional winemaking enhanced with advanced technology to obtain singular, quality wines.

Each project shares a common denominator, and that is the people involved. They have long worked their lands, treasure their natural setting, and are determined to express the particular characteristics of their soil and site in each of their wines. The wines themselves are from low yields, using native grapes that are treated as naturally as possible. Each cellar is a project of a lifetime, producing wines with a special, unique sense of place.

We offer wines from the following Catalan wine appellations: Priorat, Cava, Montsant, Penedès, Costers del Segre, Terra Alta and Empordà.


Coca i Fito – DO Montsant – DO Terra Alta – DO Emporda – DO Ribeira Sacra – DOQ Priorat

Canals Nadal – DO Cava

Celler Prior Pons – DOQ Priorat

Trossos del Priorat – DOQ Priorat

Miquel Jane – DO Penedes


Jaspi Negre, Tinto Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cariñena, Tempranillo. Precio medio:  7$  Puntuación media: 88/100
Jaspi Maragda tinto Garnacha, Carinena, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon. Precio:  11$  Puntuación: 90/100
Jaspi Blanc. 70% Garnatxa Blanca y 30% Macabeo, Precio:  7$  Puntuación: 88/100
Coca i Fitó Rosa. Rosado Syrah. Precio:  8$  Puntuación: 88/100
Coca i Fitó Negre. Tinto Syrah, Garnacha, Cariñena. Precio:  22$  Puntuación: 90/10

Coca i Fito Negre

Single vineyard red still wine from the D.O. Montsant based on Syrah and blended with old-vine Grenache and Carignan. Aged in 225 L French & American oak barrels during 12-14 months. This wine stands out for its feminine elegance and delicacy, while offering potency and freshness at the same time. The particularity of this wine is its excellent evolution in the glass, similar to a journey through different landscapes which succeed every few minutes through new aromatic and taste sensations. A true wine experience. This is the most highly-prized wine which the cellar produces.

Blend – Syrah (20 year-old vines) – Grenache (50 to 70 year-old vines) – Carignan (50 to 70 year-old vines)
Ageing –  12 to 14 months in new French (90%) & American (10%) oak barrels.

Tasting Note – Intense, brilliant violet. Aromas of fresh strawberries coupled with more mature notes of forest berry fruits, herbal (tea leaf) and chocolate. On the palate, red and black berry fruit character predominates, backed with mineral notes. Structured, with soft, well-rounded tannins. Noticeable length, with excellent aromatic development as the wine aerates.

Precio:  22$  Puntuación: 90/10

Coca i Fito Rosa

Single vineyard rosé still wine from the D.O. Montsant, made from 100% Syrah. Complex wine, with 20% aged in French oak during 4 months. Blending occurs after ageing between the wine from stainless steel deposit (80%) and the remainder aged in oak (20%). The result is a rosé wine which is inviting and fresh, with excellent structure, complexity and ageing capacity (up to three years, maintaining its freshness, vitality and color). An excellent gastronomic wine, matching well with a wide variety of foods.

Blend – Syrah (20 year-old vines)

Ageing – a portion of the wine is aged 4 months in 225 L French oak barrels.

Tasting Note – Deep ruby. Intense nose of fresh red berry fruits, candied strawberries and herbs, backed by spicy notes originating from the oak. Full-bodied and fresh on the palate, with recurring fresh & candied strawberry and red cherry notes, along with subtler herbs and pungent spice. Good balance between the fresh character and the developing viscosity. Very good ageing potential, offering more of a fresh fruit character during the first year which develop into preserved fruits and complex herbal notes with the passing of time.

Precio:  8$  Puntuación: 88/100

Jaspi Negre

Red still wine from the D.O. Montsant from grapes originating from diverse vineyards, offering an array of terroirs and soil compositions. The vine age ranges from 10 to 90 years. A blend of Grenache, Carignan, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. The base wine undergoes a light ageing process in oak barrels during 3-4 months. The profile of this wine is intended to satisfy a wide variety of palates – an accessible wine, with a sense of place, offering fresh red fruits, herbs and spices backed by soft, silky tannins. A well-structured wine that is both full-bodied and easy-drinking.

Blend –  Grenache (20 to 90 year-old vines) Carignan (50 to 80 year-old vines) Cabernet Sauvignon (15 to 25 year-old vines) Syrah (15 to 22 year-old vines)

Ageing – 3 to 4 months in French & American oak.

Tasting Note – Deep cherry. Notes of developing red cherry, backed with anise seed and lighter spices. Soft tannins, which give structure and texture, with persistent notes of forest berry fruits. Good intensity. An excellent introduction to the D.O. Montsant.

Precio medio:  7$  Puntuación media: 88/100

Jaspi Maragda

Red still wine from the D.O. Montsant, made from a careful selection of grapes originating from diverse vineyards within the Montsant region. Older vineyards, where the vines range in age from 40 to 100 years (with the exception of the Syrah). A blend principally of Grenache and Carignan, with a minority of Syrah. Aged 12 months in barrels of French & American oak. We classify this wine as top-level. It is elegant, balanced, feminine (well-rounded and friendly). Full of subtlety yet with structure and potency. A wine to put be cellared.

Blend – Grenache (40 to 100 year-old vines) Carignan (40 to 90 year-old vines) Syrah (15 to 22 year-old vines)

Ageing –  12 months in French & American oak barrels.

Tasting Note –  Intense dark cherry. Mature red and black fruits, backed by herbs and sweet spices. Meaty on the attack, yet delicate profile. Full-bodied, offering intense notes of mature red fruits, spices and herbal notes, backed by well-integrated soft tannins. Excellent intensity and length; a wine for ageing.

Precio:  11$  Puntuación: 90/100

Aloja Negre

This is one of the new wine projects created by the Coca i Fitó brothers. Now presenting a new modern style wines from DO Montsant and DO Terra Alta wine regions based on red and white grenache grapes.

The name Aloja comes from the Catalan mythology. Alojas are water nymphs with an incomparable beauty. Blue or green-eyed, with long hair that grows to their feet. They inhabit rivers, lakes and waterfalls, yet can be seen dancing and playing during the night when they leave their lair. Their beauty is such as to enchant any human gazing upon them, except for the night of the Summer Solstice, Sant Joan.

blend Old-vine Grenache (40%) and Carignan (30%), with Cabernet Sauvignon (25%) and Syrah (5%).

ageing 3 months in French and American oak.

tasting note
Deep crimson, offering an enticing nose of exotic spices, earth, mineral, espresso and black cherry notes. Structured, yet easy going on the palate. Will develop over the next couple of years and can be enjoyed for 5+ years onward.

Aloja Mare

This is one of the new wine projects created by the Coca i Fitó brothers. Now presenting a new modern style wines from DO Montsant and DO Terra Alta wine regions based on red and white grenache grapes.

blend Old-vine Grenache (50%) and Carignan (30%), with Syrah (20%).

ageing 12 months in French and American oak

tasting note
Deep ruby in color, with penetrating aromas of ripe red and black fruits, aromatic herbs, sweet spices, and Montsant earthiness. Full-bodied, with intense ripe red fruits, spice and balsamic notes. Soft and pleasant
tannins, well-structured and persistent finish.