Catalogue Brands

Our catalog of brands has great variety under the criterion of having products with origin in the Iberian Peninsula of greater relevance and recognition at the international level. We invite you to see a brief presentation below.
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We are obsessed with anchovies preserves and in the Iberian Peninsula we enjoy two unique origins: Santoña in Cantabria and L’Escala in the Catalan Costa Brava. We have anchovies in salt, fillets in olive oil and other delicacies from the oldest manufacturer of this famous locality, Callol Serrats. In Santoña we opted for de king size anchovy from Cantabrian sea and the impeccable manufacturing of El Capricho who also delight us with “Bonito del Norte” White Tuna and other delicacies such as sturgeon.


From the strait of Gibraltar, The Bluefin Tuna, called in Spain Atún Rojo, from Almadraba’s milennary fishing art transformed in salted Mojama, smoked or preserved from Herpac in Barbate, Cádiz.

The authentic seafood of the Galician Rías cared for by Los Peperetes located in front of the Ría in Carril, Villagarcia de Arousa, maybe the best shellfish of the globe. What a pleasure the Sea is when it takes care of itself and respects its cycles, that its fruits are good when they are treated as they deserve.


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We walk pasture, mount and farm, natural dryers in the mountains to get the perfect cure of iberian hams and dry-cured sausages, such as the Ibericos Fermín in La Alberca de Salamanca, pioneers in the conquest of Iberian ham in the world with an excellent value and with all the formats suitable for each customer profile, pieces for hand cutting, boneless or molds for cutting machines, and sliced ​​for days in a hurry. With Extrem Puro Extremeño and its exclusive presentations under the DO Dehesa de Extremadura, we add sophistication and luxury.

We stepped on the mountain and farm, we enjoyed traditional Catalan sausages and new proposals in delicatessens for diets without allergens from We delight ourselves with the traditional artisan sausages of Catalonia and new proposals in charcuterie for diets without allergens of Germans Caus Barrera. Fresh and cured chorizo sausages, Cecina, black pudding and even spreads such as those we have recently incorporated in collaboration with Embutidos Entrepeñas, responsible for offering the famous Cecina de León, the iberico beef ham, and other local specialties, such as its splendid spicy chorizos and blood sausages. With Cárnicas Dibe we introduce you to the best spanish company dedicated to Wild Meats dry-cured sausages and meat cuts for cooking.


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Canned vegetables of mythical origins such as asparagus, artichokes and piquillo peppers from Navarra and the wide variety of vegetables from Pedro Luis Conservas Selectas de Lodosa. Cooked legumes from Catalonia such as mongetes del ganxet and els fesolets from Santa Pau, grilled vegetables with traditional recipes such as Escalivada de Aubergines, peppers and onion, as well as succulent dishes prepared from vegetables with different meats from cod to partridge through stews hunting. Wide variety of pickles with a variety of olives with dressings and fillings.


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incorporates from extra virgin olive oils of different denominations of origin with exclusive presentations such as Essence y Elegance de L’Oli Ferrer, also the scarce and exciting oils made with millenary olive trees in the lands of the Ebro by Oleomile and Molí de la Creu.

Balsamic and bittersweet vinegars like the incredible Mas d’en Gil Solera 1958, condiments, spices, saffron and gastronomic salts where two names stand out: Aromis de la Conca, saffron specialists with a collection of herbal mixtures and oil and vinegar condiments, unique in the world, and Las Colmenillas, a fundamental brand for understand the quality level of the authentic Pimentón de La Vera with PDO The rice pump to make paellas and we even have pre-cooked rice dishes and paellas.


From the great bakery and pastry tradition of the south of the peninsula, we present the Dry Breads created by Panadería Jesus, since 1802 there are 7 generations of the same family, becoming the oldest bakery line in Spain. Its Ugly Bread and Pan Soplao, in addition to the thin Crunchy, are ideal to accompany hams, sausages, cheeses and foie gras.

From Seville we enjoyed another family with roots, the Upitas, Guadalupes in each generation, making the traditional Upita de los Reyes Olive Oil Cakes, a crunchy delice with versions with orange, almonds. From Alicante, Corona Blanca breads made with dehydrated fruits such as fig, date or apricot combined with nuts, created for the encounter with all types of cheeses.

Upita y Jesus

From the kitchen and with the selection of the best raw materials are born Mediterranean sauces for rice and pasta from Urban Sauces Barcelona, sauces with exclusive recipes for the fish pairing of Darder de L’Escala, prepared fish and seafood dishes such as paella from Querida Carmen, snacks like chips and appetizers ideal for the tapas culture.