Iberico acorn-fed Ham slices by Fermín


Iberico Fermín Sliced 50 or 100 grams in vacuum pack for retail stores: “paleta de bellota” the pork shoulder or “Jamón de bellota”, the Iberico ham “Pata Negra” 100% acord fed and free range pork. Dry-cured until 4 years. The king of iberian ham. New on Smart Gourmet Catalogue.

50 grams vacuum pack sliced iberico ham and pork shoulder 100% ibérico acorn-fed

The best way to enjoy Iberico ham is cut directly by hand from the whole ham a few moments before eating, but we do not always have this exclusive opportunity, so Fermín has as an alternative the family of products in slices for the occasional consumer or to take home for a night of ibericos in small committee and also it is very useful to travel in you bag because it does not need refrigeration and of course it is very grateful to impress to family and friends as a gourmet gift.


FERMÍN recommends placing the plastic enclosure under warm running water at 38ºC or 100ºF for 8 to 10 seconds before serving. This will enhance the flavor and easy separation of each slices. Keep in a cool and dry place, no Refrigerate, only after opening.

ask for special 100% Iberico slices hand-made cut

FERMÍN 100% Iberico acorn-fed ham & shoulders and 50% iberico is Gluten Free and Lactose Free.  Chorizo ibérico, Salchichón ibérico and Cured Iberico Loin ara available in sliced vacuum packs




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