Christmas in Catalan style


When Christmas arrives it seems that the whole planet celebrates this holidays with elements that have become commonplace such as the Christmas tree, the street lights or the presence of Santa Claus in every corner.

In Catalonia we maintain very successful examples of love for the traditions of our culture, especially at home. One of the icons that has been able to maintain its status, and even grow in acceptance and popularity is “EL CAGANER” and literally means “the crapper”.

Mud figure in a singular and irreverent posture that has been with us for centuries and that we can say that it is linked to gastronomy, even if it is in the radical conclusion of the digestion of a good Catalan Christmas lunch, perhaps with the aftertaste of a traditional soup and stew Escudella i Carn d’Olla”, a Pava farcida (baked stuffed Turkey) or the Grandmother’s cannelloni and, of course, a toast with a Reserve Brut Nature Cava.

The Caganer according to tradition it is a symbol of good luck and fortune, until recently represented in a catalan farmer with the traditional hat, the barretina, whose parents hid in the nativity scene and that the childrens have to find, sometimes behind a snowy mountain of cork, under the moss, between de logs corner, behind a wood house and perhaps accompanied by a little light to be discovered with the pants down when it gets dark at home.

caganerThe Caganer has evolved in recent years and also offers new versions adapted to the global and media times of our era. the most desirable character for everyone in the home-made representation of the birth of Jesus has thousands of faces with the most popular characters in politics, sports or cinema.

Much before Twitter, thanks to Caganer and at the Christmas Fair of Santa Lluçia, we already knew in Catalonia who were the Trending Topics of society. The public personality that does not have his sculpture showing the ass surely feels offended because it means that they are not so popular.

At Smart Gourmet – Barcelona Fine Foods Trader all year we work to promote the distinctive features of Catalan gastronomy and market the most important food products of our country around the World. The Caganer is the gift that this year we make to our clients, surely it will be the first time they have it in their nativity scene.

Bon Nadal, Caganer!


Si voleu saber més sobre el Caganer us recomanem visitar



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