Embotits Caus, The Art of Cured Sausages

logo-embotits-germans-caus-BarreraBefore starting commercial relations for our work in the international diffusion of the best gastronomic exponents of Catalonia we tried a lot, but a lot of cured sausages, as sons of this territory, in things like charcuterie we have so much experience and good predisposition.

For personal passion of our general manager who has written so much on the subject and also demanding something that is key in the sector: achieve a stability in the finished product able to impress when the cured has not yet reached the perfect point and to get excited when it is expressed in all its magnitude, the reflection was profound and there are several brands that deserve all our respect and admiration, as much as the one that the Caus Barrera brothers provoke for various reasons.

caus_selloGermans Caus Barrera is our first bet, cured and cooked sausages in the heart of the historic charcuterie processors regions of Catalonia, respect for the canons and tradition with a secallona that takes your breath away and an imperial Salchichón, but also courage to try new ways, like its excellent turkey cured sausage, its achieved allergen free versions or cooked pork feet that we could eat daily.

Apparently a modest project and recent presence in the market compared to companies that have completed the century in the art of stuffing, but clear ideas, brave and demanding people, according to our times, and products that generate followers instantly .

The facilities of Germans Caus Barrera in Puig-Reig, are designed to offer the best product in hygienic and sanitary conditions, thus complying with European standards of the highest quality. They have clearly opted to minimize the environmental impact of their activity. In this sense, it has an installation of solar panels that allow it to heat all the hot water consumed by the company, essential for the production of its products.

Secadero tradicional de Salchichones en las instalaciones de Germans Caus Barrera

A careful selection of the best fresh meats and raw materials of the area, to be able to transmit the character of such a privileged land as the Berguedà region to cooked and cured sausages.

Caus Barrera respects and defends the value of artisanal charcuterie and works to make sausages that surprise the consumer: with an exceptional flavor, with new formats and the renewal of traditional recipes.



Years of tradition are a guarantee of success in the preparation of sausages and more in the heart of central Catalonia where climate conditions, terroir and history become a mythical product and desired by the most demanding palates around the world. In  words of the Caus brothers, “We know all the secrets of the artisan delicatessen, we learned them from our parents and, they, from our grandparents”.

The pride of Caus Barrera begins by achieving excellence in traditional Catalan dishes, from the casual Fuet to the most noble cured sausage, the Llonganissa or Salchichón, to the spectacular expression of cooked sausages like “Bull Negre“, a black Pudding so deeply loved in our culture.



Caus Barrera incorporates recent developments very well thought out for new consumption habits. They know how to maintain the quality and the exceptional flavors in the new formats, renewing, at the same time, the traditional recipes.

Embutidos de pavo y sin alérgenos especialmente creados para nuevos hábitos de consumo. La diferencia? ustedes opinen

TURKEY SALCHICHÓN. for those who follow diets considered healthier or for cultural or religious reasons. Whole or in sliced ​​sachets, the big surprise for those who try it for the first time is its intense flavor and aromas at the level of the great traditional cured sausages.

SALCHICHON WITHOUT ALLERGENS. The latest novelty is the longaniza of peasants without allergens. We get it to keep all its usual flavor but we remove unwanted allergens.

SECALLONA WITHOUT GLUTEN OR LACTOSE. creation intended for all those who have problems of allergies or intolerances with lactose and / or gluten. Go ahead and try the ‘secayona’ as an aperitif.

BASTONETS. Ideal for eating between meals, during snacks or as a snack for children. Alone or accompanied by bread spread with tomato.

“CARPACCIO PORK FEET” If the whole cooked pork feet are in the intimate one of our perditions, as Catalans we understand that for the rest of the planet the format is not so appetizing for visual factors and comfort of consumption. Caus Barrera offer fine slices of this delicacy presented in the manner of a carpaccio. Delicious starter to incorporate truffled oils or seasonal mushrooms in the dish. Sublime



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