El Vilar, olive oil from Milennium Olives Trees

el-Vilar-Mil·lenariOne of the Catalan products of our catalog that most impresses our customers of the world and we are very proud to represent are El Vilar Mil.lenari, the extra virgin olive oils made with millenary olive trees of the Natural Museum of Milennium Olives Trees of the Arión.

Located in Ulldecona, southern Catalonia, near the ancient Via Augusta stone road that linked Rome with Hispania in the times of the Roman Empire.

A place privileged by nature, a fertile land, sheltered from cold and winds, which, fortunately, fires have also respected until today

The annual production of this exclusive olive oil is very small and irregular due to the age of the trees. For the new 2017 harvest we have less than 500 bottles of 500ml

olivera_milThis is the oldest and most numerous collection of millenary olive trees of the Iberian Peninsula and, probably, of the world. You can see the olives trees of the park and the 8’05 meters of perimeter of the Farga of Arión. with 1.700 years of history, the oldest of Catalunya and one of the two monumental olive trees protected by law by the Governement of Catalunya.

In the following video you can admire the Natural Museum and the work of the Porta i Ferré family in the preparation of oil El Vilar Mil.lenari and his organization of guided tours.

Most of these olive trees are of the Farga variety. This variety is very old. It has an irregular production and with its aging it is very sensitive to the pathologies of the olive tree. However, the excellent quality of the oil it produced has made man continue to cultivate it until today.

The old Mill Molí de la Creu

The elaboration of El Vilar Mil•lenari  is carried out at the Mill Molí de La Creu, There, from 1884, family Porta i Ferré produces and packs the olive oil of its own harvest.

The olive harvesting process and the process of elaboration and packaging of El Vilar Mil•lenari follows a strict protocol that allows certification as a “fruit of millennial olive trees”, by an independent auditing entity.

At the sensory level, it corresponds to the following profile: medium-high fruit, with clearly green connotations (carved lawns and hints of green banana or green wallnuts, tomato and artichoke). It stands out due to the great balance between sweet, bitter and spicy, with a very light final astringency.

As an oil of the Farga variety, it is characterized by its extraordinary conservation capacity.

If you want commercial information or are interested in acquiring our millenary oils for your business you can contact us through the following form



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