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The Conca de Barberà, is an interior region north of the southern regions of Catalonia, presents optimal conditions for the production of crops, because plants are adapted to the ecological characteristics of these area, favored by its diversity of soiland climate, and altitude variations within the context of the Mediterranean climate. This is demonstrated by observing the richness of flora native medicinal and aromatic already are.

Aromis Condito Olevm range. Extra Virgin Olive Oils with mixed herbs

Aromis project that arises with the aim of producing in Conca de Barbera aromatic plants, medicinal and seasoning Dyeing in sustainable farming and products obtained from them.

We are heirs to a 1997 initiative to diversify crops in the region and provide differentiated quality products: Saffron, Saffron Jelly, Mixtures with fine herbs and salts, Flavored Vinegars and Season with Extra Virgin Olive Oils with natural and healthy products.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASaffron crop recovery project

The project was born in 2007 with a first attempt to recover the cultivation of saffron in the Conca de Barbera and Alto Gaià, a territory where in the past, as we have seen, it had a notable presence, with more or less incidence along Of history.

In this first attempt, it was possible to draw some conclusions about aspects that had already been documented in technical texts of other current production areas with more experience, but which allowed us to complete the knowledge of saffron cultivation, especially in our area. Important conclusions since the last crops in the Basin and Alto Gaià had found almost no reference beyond the oral tradition of some peasants of advanced age who still remembered some very limited brushstrokes of the cultivation of saffron.

Aromis Saffron Jelly

From these conclusions it was possible to make evident the excess of labor necessary for the cultivation, but basically concentrated in 3 weeks to the year, those of the harvest, of finding out and drying of the flowers. 

That in case of making proposals of large extensions of cultivation, in number of hectares, it became necessary the labor of many people during these 3 weeks. Given these conditions, and the usual agricultural enterprises in the area do not usually have so much continuous labor, often a single individual per company, and that they wanted to flee temporary contracts for so few days, for a social and human question , It was thought of a sustainable and fair project.

It was a question of building a collective project where each company, farmer or farmer participant did so with an area that could be managed by a single person, dedicating the necessary hours during the year, basically: sowing in first year, weeding and irrigation , Which can be done in a staggered way during the months of the year, and about 3 intensive weeks in full day for the harvest of flowers, to find out and to dry the stems, which is converted from the end of October until Mid-November (variable each year depending on the weather). The surface that is estimated according to these characteristics is about 150 m2, a surface that can produce, from the third year of cultivation, about 350 g of saffron / year. 

Concaromis would be the driving force behind the project and, apart from providing the saffron bulbs and all the necessary advice to the project participants, would be responsible for disseminating and processing, packaging and marketing saffron under a single brand (aroma). Objective of the company, peasant or peasant participant obtains the fair price to their production work, and that the buyer of the product pays the fair price according to the costs of all the tasks performed until it reaches their hands, with the circuits As short as possible.


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