Artisan Cheese Tasting

We invite you to discover 8 selected artisan cheeses of Catalonia from 6 producers: Mas d’Alba with blue cheese Voler Volar and soft creamy Cremós d’Alba, Tros de Sort with traditional Tupí and Costa Roia washed with catalan spirits. Reixagó with the soft and bloomy Sant Ignasi, Formatgeria Bauma with traditional goat’s cured cheese Garrotxa. Formatges Murgo La Pubilla washed with cava brut and “Craba” goat’s cheese by Formatgeria a Taüll.

tast_volervolarVOLER VOLAR, Mas d’Alba. A 10/10 rating, perfection of a blue cheese of raw goat’s milk. Matured three months with sharp incisions that allow the development of blue veins features, Voler Volar offers a gliding on the palate with deep feelings of nuts between sweet salty and spicy notes.

Shopping Price: 4€ x  100 grams
SG Rating: 10/10

tast_tupiTUPÍ DELS PIRINEUS, Tros de Sort. Traditional cheese of the Pyrenees, is  Catalonia ‘s culinary heritage . Like many delicatessen, born from the culture of use of raw materials and ancestral forms of conservation . Pastoralist origin, type Serrat cheeses very cured and subjected to a second fermentation in ceramic containers with olive oil and spirits . very powerful , sharp and slightly spicy flavor, crumbly texture … Crazy on the palate !!!

Shopping Price: 7€ x  160 grams in ceramic “tupi”
SG Rating: 8.5/10


SANT IGNASI, Formatgeria Reixagó. Excellent artisan cheese from Olost de Lluçanès, Central Catalonia. Raw cow’s milk, soft-curd bloomy-rind cheese. Intense barnyard flavor, grass notes and a long and pleasent finish. Cullunut!!!!

Shopping Price: 6€ x  120 grams
SG Rating: 8.5/10

tast_costaroiaCOSTA ROIA by Tros de Sort, artisan fromager from Sort, village in catalan northwestern Pirineos mountains. Raw caw’s milk cheese, soft pressed curd and washed rind with traditional spirit “Ratafia dels Raiers”

Shopping Price: 6€ x 250 grams
SG Rating: 8/10


tast_cremosalbaCREMÓS D’ALBA, Mas Alba 1748 soft-curd cheese, made from raw  goat’s milk in Mas Alba farmhouse of the little village of Terradelles (Girona). 1 month of maduration. With strong personality, incredible liquid texture and complex in mouth with acidity, floral and grass notes and a bitter aftertaste.
Perfect cheese for connoisseurs.
Bronze medal in World cheese awards 2011

Shopping Price: 15€ x 400 grams
SG Rating: 9/10

tast_garrotxabaumaGARROTXA BAUMA, Formatgeria Bauma. Pasteurized goat’s milk, a pressed-curd uncooked bloomy-rind cheese from Borredà, in the north of province of Barcelona. Old Style cheese revived by catalonian cheesemakers like Toni Chueca, owner of Bauma and maître fromager.
Aged 3 months, semi soft with small cavities. Slightly acidic and pungent taste with herbal finish ans nutty aftertaste.
Gold medal World Cheese Awards 2009

Shopping Price: 15€ x 500 grams
SG Rating: 7.5/10



LA PUBILLA by Murgo Formatges from San Iscle de Vilalta near Barcelona. Raw cow milk artisan cheese. soft-curd washed with catalan cava brut. matured 45-50 days and washed every week.

Shopping Price: 9€ x 500 grams
SG Rating: 8.5/10

tast_crabaCRABA by Formatgeria a Taüll from historic valley of Boí-Taüll in Pirineos. Raw goat’s milk, soft-curd washed-rind cheese

SG Rank: 8/10



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